Friday, January 9, 2009

How To Earn with Adgitize

These are the things that you should know to boost your online earnings with Adgitize.

Adgitize your web site. <<<----Click here if you don't have an Adgitize account yet

Adgitize rewards a blogger with points based on the following criteria:

1. the number of clicks on Adgitize ads made on your blog,

2. the number of clicks you make on Adgitize ads on other members’ blogs,

3. number of visits on your blog,

4. the number of times you post new articles on your blog.

A member’s accumulated points are converted to cash at the end of each month. The minimum payout is only 10 dollars. Payment is made through Paypal. Earning is fast and simple with Adgitize than that with Google Adsense or Bidvertiser.

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